AHHA PIGS Lite - Fight for Golden Bird Eggs!!!

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    AHHA PIGS Lite
    AHHA PIGS Offical Trailer





    Pigs VS. Wolves.
    Come on, that's an old story.
    This time, pigs and wolves stand together.
    Stand to fight the evil birds.
    Now the evil birds pollute this world with their dirty stuff.
    The only antidote is Golden Bird Egg.

    No time to waste, gentlemen, we need you.
    It's time to fight...
    Fight for Hungry!
    Fight for Revenge!!
    Fight for Golden Bird Egg!!!

    Please, don't shoot any birds in your world. Just play Ahha Pigs.

    AHHA PIGS Lite
    App Store : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ahha-pigs-lite/id429612842#

    Coming soon:
    1. World 3
    2. New character
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