Ain't nothing but a golddigger

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by MacNut, Jul 15, 2009.

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    Jan 4, 2002
    This case has been all over the news here. He is worth $300 million, she wants $100 of it claiming that she needs $50,000 a week for her expenses.:eek:

    Here is the full juicy story.,0,502752.story
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    Jan 15, 2007
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    Well obviously we don't have the entire story here. However, I do have some points of contention:

    1) He was still married, apparently albeit technically, and had a girlfriend on the side. Not the smartest of ideas here. I'm not up to date on CT divorce laws, but it will probably come back to bite him in the hiney. Between the time my now ex-wife moved out and the divorce papers were signed and finalized, I didn't so much as look at another woman for that very reason.

    2) "The lifestyle to which she has become accustomed." If she chooses to leave the marriage, then why should she be permitted to live the way she was while married? If I were to buy a car, made the payments on time et al, and the dealer got a wild hair up his butt and decided to repo it, why should I have to keep making payments? No, I am not comparing women to cars, but you get the idea.

    That being said, the only ones who are going to win are the lawyers.
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    Jan 4, 2002
    I would think the main fight is over how much money she wants. Is she entitled to 1/3 his fortune. I want to know how much money she had before she married him and what her living expenses were. She signed a 40 million post-nuptial. Is that not enough?
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    Dang. I would be happy with just $5,000 a week....:eek:
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    I would be happy with $500 a week... :eek:
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    May 19, 2002
    For 50k a week without any benefits, I'd invest in an escort service.
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    What I don't get is she is since she is quite obviously a trophy wife bought with his massive fortune. Why wouldn't he have had her sign a prenuptial agreement allowing for him to have as many girlfriends, courtesans, mistresses etc... that he desired.

    Since marriages of such age differences and wealth are usually for material advantages anyways, with both parties treating each other as commodities. Given his vast wealth it would have been easy enough for him to find a trophy wife to accept such a clause with a lesser end of lease fees.

    I would not condone such practices. But if you are going to base a marriage on such weak foundations then be practical about your finances and behaviors.

    No I don't think all marriages with such age differences and wealth are based solely on the wealth of one party. I am sure there have been a few were the two genuinely loved one another.
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    Of course she's going to say that the post-nuptial was coerced. She wants a third of his money.

    I don't see why he didn't make her sign a prenup and make her get nothing.

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