Air 13 2011, matrix replacment fail!!!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by qwarkas, Aug 31, 2012.

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    I didn't find the suitable instruction on matrix dismantle from the top cover for the purpose of its replacement but only the instruction on replacement of older model of 2008-2009 therefore wasn't well informed that illumination is separately from glass which changed and illumination consists of several layers, sequence and which parties I mixed, now I guess as correctly to collect display illumination, it should consist of how many layers.

    Generally everything passed like clockwork, and office of the top part from bottom and frame dismantle after that something began not mental that wasn't in the instruction by which was guided.

    I want to collect correctly display illumination back and that I have:

    1) The white paper plate which is attached to a cover on the one hand, to it isn't present questions therefore as didn't break its initial location:

    I forgot sequence of the parties and an arrangement of the following plates therefore I have questions:

    2) The plastic plate sveto-refracting on the one hand and mirror with another:

    3) A thin transparent and opaque film, on the one hand glossy, with another opaque:

    Still there is a plastic plate of the similar size, to a regret split, to illumination or a faulty matrix it belongs I guess, but is very sad if to illumination, and it is joyful if to a matrix.

    I shocked also am very grieved. Didn't know that at acoruses a matrix and its illumination separately.

    I will be very grateful to answers, and unaided to collect back I can not, as it is necessary to finger resticking fragile loops if I will incorrectly collect illumination therefore they can become unfit for use more often.

    Sorry for my very bad english, i hope you understand me. Thanks.

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