Air 2018 with Apple Cinema Display 27" possible?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by kaardowiq, May 30, 2019.

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    is the usage of an Air 2018 with double type USB-C connector possible to connect to an older Apple Cinema (not Thunderbolt!) Display 27"?

    One USB-C for charging and the additional one for the Cinema Display with the lack of missing USB-A slots on the rear because the additional USB-A coudln't be connected anymore. But the display should still work?

    Has anyone this running?


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    Dec 20, 2018
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    It should be able to. I was successfully able to connect a 2016 MBP to a 30" Apple Cinema Display. The 30" was the most difficult of the older ACD lineup to connect with. I used that same adapter paired with an Apple dual link DVI to DisplayPort adapter that then connected into the DisplayPort to USB-C adapter that you're showing.

    The tricky thing was that some other people tried a similar setup and didn't have any luck. Not all of the DP to USB-C adapters worked and there was no way to tell if your adapter would or wouldn't work. I didn't go through any special effort to find my adapter. I just went on eBay and bought the first one I saw that didn't look like a grossly over marked-up listing.

    Oh wait, I think I just spotted an issue with your setup. For a 27" ACD, you probably need that USB-A cable powered. Apparently for the larger displays, the adapter needs to draw power from the USB-A line to the monitor.

    I used to also have a 23" ACD and that one was able to run with just the DP line. Powering the USB-A line was the key getting the same setup to work on my 30" ACD.
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    You'll have no brightness controls without the USB-A cable being connected. It'll work best if you attach a hub to the computer.
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    The 23" and 30" ACDs are very different than the 24" and 27" models. The latter two don't have DVI, and a dual link adapter is not required with either the 24" or 27".
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