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    Feb 25, 2013
    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to leave a short review on this App with some details for those who are on the fence about getting this Mac App.

    Running $19.99 on the App store for Mac or $9.99 on the iPad/iPhone App store
    or $21.44 from the Avatron website for a single license. (

    1. First you install the Air Display Host Software for free off of their site, install and restart.
    2. Install the App on the Laptop/Desktop/iPad/iPhone
    3. From the computer with the Host program installed, simply click the icon on the Menu Bar (should you choose to view it there) or view Air Display in System Preferences.
    4. Select the Device from the menu, your screens will flash Blue for a second before returning back to normal.

    The second display will look like the first image with the extended display as a window which can be made full screen.
    (No idea why second image is upside down XP)


    When using a video application in Full Screen, it will blacken the other screen.

    Good connectivity is very important (my connection: 15 ping 50mbps v 2mbps ^), I experience periodic lag which can be very annoying for Videos and it may take a second for a window dragged into Air Display to register. However the cursor jumps between display very smoothly. I don't think that saying connectivity is bad is fair because everyones is different.

    Air Display does NOT support 2 devices attached to the same computer. NOT! That's annoying, I hope that this is supported at some point in the future.

    Scaling from 1080 to Retina 2048x1536 looks kind of cruddy. Scaling from 1280x800 to Retina 2048x1536 is acceptable.

    When using on iPad, Touch support is available <3​

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    Jan 18, 2008
    Hawaii, USA
    This should be going over your local intranet, not using your internet connection. I use Screenrecycler and it's technically possible to run it over the internet, but doing so would slow you down quite horribly.

    ScreenRecycler allows a number of settings regarding compression and refresh rates (basically, whether you want a smoother animation at the possible expense of having a blocky image while things are in motion, or whether you'd prefer a consistently crisp image with possible dropped frames). Does Air Display offer any ability to adjust settings like that?
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    Feb 25, 2013
    Nay, it doesn't.
    The preferences window has only 6 useless check boxes, none of which control anything that deep. It does however work in conjunction with the built in OSX displays system preferences, so it's very compact and intuitive. I personally would like a little more. But the development team is pretty active with updates, I'm not sure what's on the to-do-list but I'm sure it exists somewhere.

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