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    Oct 11, 2011
    Hi, while doing preliminary googling for this issue a lot of old topics from here kept showing up, so i thought i would ask here

    I have a 2011 Macbook air with a thunderbolt port and am trying to use it with an adaptor (that claims thunderbolt connectivity) to connect with a Samsung LE32C530 from mid 2010 via HDMI, however i've been getting a 'mode not supported' message from the TV, while there are no indicators on the macs side (running Lion) that it can see it al all.

    From looking at the TV's manual, the correct resolutions are supported, with most help i've seen so far mentioning that the refresh rate is probably too high for the TV to work with, there is no option in the display panel to alter that

    I've dabbled with SwitchResX but can't make heads or tails over how to apply the custom resolution prefs, is using this definitely the solution or could the problem be more basic stemming from the mac's inability to recognise that there is an external display plugged in

    Any suggestions and help with what to do/where to go are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance

    Edit - additional - Have rebooted mac with and without the cable attached, this doesn't help, pressing 'detect display doesn't do anything either

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