Air vs Retina heat comparison initial thoughts

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ducatiti, Aug 6, 2013.

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    May 18, 2011
    I recently sold my late 2012 13 inch air for $1105 and bought a base retina for $1199.

    I have just done browsing and occasional you tube videos, and I noticed that the retina gets a lot warmer in only about an hour of use. I don't even remember my air getting warm under the same load.

    My question is now is it because of the power and resource the retina screen requires? I am now considering returning this for either the Haswell air or wait for the retina refresh. I will eventually do basic video editing and Win7 via VMware.
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    Assuming you have a rMBP 13, you basically went from a 17 watt max CPU to a 35 watt max cpu. The HD4000 in the MBA is also going to consume much less power as it has to only has to move 25% or so of the pixels of Retina. The Haswell rMBP will most likely be only slightly cooler with a longer lasting battery. I don't foresee the same huge jump in battery performance as the MBA underwent as the Retina screen is a HUGE power hog due to the extensive backlighting required.

    If you want a much cooler rMBP, be prepared to wait for Broadwell as Haswell and Ivy Bridge are based on the same 22nm process node whilst Broadwell will be based on the new 14nm process shrink.
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    I did the opposite of what you did and sold my base rMBP for a base 2013 Air. They're leagues apart in terms of heat. Basically, the 2013 Air runs cool to touch, even in Windows, which really surprised me.

    The rMBP gets uncomfortably hot to use unless you use a fan with it, which makes it even more unwieldy than it already is (in comparison to the Air).

    I would recommend the Air unless you need the graphics power (the Air has plenty of that too, btw).
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    I really never notice my Retina getting warm. I stream stuff off Google play for hours and the CPU barely goes over 20%.
  5. toronado455, Aug 14, 2013
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    Please tell me which base 2013 Air you got? 11" or 13"?

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