Air2 October build date & battery?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Marco123, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. Marco123 macrumors 6502a

    Jun 14, 2012
    i just exchanged my mini 4 for an Air2 at my local Apple Store and the Air 2 is an October build date.
    This must have been sitting on the shelves for a year and I'm surprised.
    But does this affect the battery shelf life or only when it's being used?
  2. Skyhawk21 macrumors regular

    Sep 16, 2015
    Battery looses charge over time even the ones Apple uses in iPads that are of high quality. Heat/cold/humidty/physics/nature/lifespan affects it even on a shelf. Most new iPads come with a 81+% charge out of box, if you purchased it what was the battery level when powered on? If it was in this range you should be ok.

    Still remember we cannot stop time passing and we cannot control nature. So that old of a model on a shelf, well you can only imagine if it stayed on the shelf that long or was passed around like a football in a stock room locked up but people with keys still go into it. If it was in glass locked shelf or storage out on floor temperature and humidity and lifespan still had an affect on it (time).

    Try it, remember what battery percentage it had when turned on out of box first time and let us know, check the screen for pixels, discoloring, tint issues, dirty shaded areas on screen, uneven brightness and so forth. Make sure cameras work, home button works and has somewhat of a feedback popping back out when you push down on it. Because if your like me I am always double clicking home button to load task switcher to close apps religiously! Others use it for Siri!

    Also make sure both speakers work, at lower volumes do not have background emitted static or glitches, and cover one completely with a finger or hand and make sure both have the same volume level using the same ear up close.

    Unfortunately no matter the date and lifespan of an Air 2 in box, speaker vibration is going to be existent and since you got the runt of the litter (first batch when released) you'll either have super bad vibration from speakers because they get super loud, or the opposite you might not have the vibration issue at all.

    Supposedly with older IOS 8 version on first batch Air 2's, there was intermittent pops and click noises coming from speakers when no audio or anything was suppose to be playing at all from using basic functions in IOS. Or when using spotlight and or keyboard while it was loaded it would make pops and clicks or something. I never heard or seen it on the Air 2 but they were models made this year in last 6 months. SPEAKER VIBRATION was there, one Air 2 not so bad, the other Air 2 could be used as a vibrating chair, back massager, hand, or toothbrush!

    Did not want to make you paranoid but this is what I look for on any device of any make or model.

    Also make sure wifi works and stays connected while using any app or the OS for internet. Safari if not working right and connected to wifi but has issues, will not display websites properly, you might see gibberish or code instead of complete site loaded, blocky white or gray areas instead of visuals on web site etc. During downloading of apps if it takes forever and you have fast internet, or the download is not constant and instead off and on, Air 2 with certain versions of IOS 8 had WIFI issues with certain routers and configurations.

    Sorry I will stop now, do not want to over do it and make you scared. If nothing major wrong, enjoy the device!

    Warranty starts on the day you register/activate or set up as new with Apple over wifi or cellular over the internet. If problems arise after return time period to retailer, you get 1 year warranty with Apple and if you go to apple store even without the apple care, they usually will take care of you if its something major and they heard about the defect/problem before.

    Sometimes if you get lucky at Apple store, they upgrade you for free for your trouble to take care of you as a customer.

    Good luck!

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