Airmail or Mac Mail?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by vbctv, Sep 19, 2016.

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    Sep 25, 2013
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    I'm very split on which to use. I was using Cloudmagic but that's out the window now... Can anyone tell me the pros & cons of Mac Mail vs Airmail. Also I'm very OCD and don't like the Mail icon being in the Apps folder still using a 3rd party email but I will live with it if the features are much better. I know Mac Mail has added good features in recent years.
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    Feb 19, 2012
    Check out canary mail. They have a VERY nice mac beta.

    It is by FAR the best email client for macs that I have ever tried.

    The great thing about it is that it respects your privacy and is doing everything completely locally on your computer instead of in the cloud.

    They are also working on a iOS beta, for which you can sign up.

    If you signup for it through my link, I will move ahead in the queue for the iOS beta:
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    Your best off using thunderbird, as it is free and has had over a decade of reliable functionality.
    If your OCD makes you feel uncomfortable with buggy software, I would strongly recommend avoiding Mac Mail, due to it invariably having faults for the first 3 minor point releases of OS X / MacOS versions.
    (Based on the record of problems with 10.7.0 - .10.7.2, etc up to 10.11.0 - 10.11.2 , it is safe to assume this will be the case with 10.12.0 - 10.12.2 )
    Thunderbird is effectively a free software version of outlook, in that it does have a calendar and chat built in.
    If you need to do PGP/GPG, then you can get the free GPGTools, and then run it with the free Enigmail plugin.

    Another worth considering if you just do Gmail, is Kiwi for Gmail. (No, I didn't make it, but have used it previously.)
    That is a dedicated app which has Gmail within it and is reasonably reliable for the basics, and does all but PGP/GPG.
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    I recently switched from Mail to Airmail and am glad I did. I got sick and tired of Mail randomly taking my accounts offline. I've been using Airmail for several months now with no issue. There is also Airmail Beta (which is like a nightly release version) if you want to try it out for free before you buy.
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    I started to like Outlook a lot recently with the newer updates/fixes. Canary mail is also really pretty. If I ever need to plow through a ton of emails, I open Thunderbird. It's the fastest and allows me to see the most emails on a page. Especially if I need to delete or move/organize a lot of emails into various folders, I seem to work faster on Thunderbird than any other client. Although I don't use it daily since it's visually not as appealing as the other clients

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