AirParrot audio problems


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Aug 17, 2012
Hey guys, got 2 issues with AP. I'm using the newest version (1.4.3) of airparrot and an ATV 3rd generation (+MBA 2010). When I open AP for the first time, it says that the audio is enabled and when air play is connected, everything is fine and both the audio and video work (it says "audio: streaming"). But when I close AP and reopen it again and then connect it to my ATV, not only it takes more time for ATV to stream the video but also the audio doesn't work. First it shows "audio: connecting" and after couple of seconds AP shows me that the audio is disconnected. Is there any way to fix it coz otherwise I have to restart my MB every time I close airparrot for the first time and want to use it again. Also when I stream the video, its not full screen on my tv but about 80% of the screen. How can I extend it?



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Aug 17, 2012
Rowing in the Same Boat

I'm having the same problem with AirParrot (ATV 2 Gen and MBP 2010) and I've been searching the web for weeks for answers with no luck. It worked fine before the Mountain Lion update and I've not been able to fix the audio problem despite reinstalling AirParrot 3 times.


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Oct 16, 2012
Found Airparrot audio fix

I found the following to get Airparrot to stream audio from my MacBook Pro to my Apple TV3:

1. In Apple TV3 menu under settings select AirPlay.
2. Select AirPlay to be “On” (Must be selected)
3. Select Onscreen Code to be “Off” (Must be off to get sound from computer)
4. Go to Airparrot menu at top of computer screen and select Apple TV
5. Also select “Enable Audio” It then says Audio Enabled in gray area right above Enable Audio.
6. Make sure that in the Apple Preferences to select Sound. IN the sound menu select Airparrot as an Input.
7. Sound will then work great. Airparrot will not play video from a DVD in the computer. Will only play the sound trac
8. Also if you select any music from ITunes the screen will revert to the Apple TV3 menu. To return to Airparrot simply select Apple TV in the Airparrot menu
Item #3 was the main fix. Airparrot support could not give me any suggestions that got Airparrot working. Hope this helps someone.


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Feb 25, 2009
Air parrot not working

I have the same issues, have contacted support and their solutions have not worked. It randomly works ok and then I have issues with not connection and sound or no sound. Apple TV works great by itself and ITunes so don't think is a network issue. Using atv2 I believe there is not a setting to 3. Select Onscreen Code to be “Off” (Must be off to get sound from computer on atv2. I think they shoul work on an update otherwise air parrot is a garbage program


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Jul 26, 2014
i tried this with some success.
Start air parrot.
disable sound
click on apple tv
enable sound

that seems to work. if i start apple tv with sound enabled it just remotely disconnects. this is the only way i can get it work at all right now.