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    Jun 8, 2018
    hello, recently i downloaded airparrot v2 on mac. when my trial expired i deleted and uninstall the app. moving on i found out that my mac has no sounds in it, so i check the sound preference and found the "airparrot". i browse the internet on how to delete the airparrot completely i found out that in order to delete this "Completely" i need to delete the "airparrotdriver.text" and "APExtFramebuffer.text", and so i did, i restarted my mac but later on the "airparrot" still SHOWS up on my sound preference. help me i dont know what to do anymore >-<
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    Apr 26, 2017
    Why don’t you use some uninstaller app for that, which delete all files connected to that software with the deletion.
    Personally I use App Delete, but there’s more good ones out there.
    Here’s a few:

    Install the app again and after that, let the delete program take care of trashing all files connected with it.
    Your problem is soon a memory, good luck. :)
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    Preference panes can be removed by trashing them from here: ~/Library/PreferencePanes
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    You may try to do it manually:

    1. Launch Activity Monitor. Look for any processes related to Airparrot. If found any, force quit the process.
    2. Download and launch EasyFind (Freeware), look for "Airparrot" (including "APExtFramebuffer.kext" and "AirParrotDriver.kext" mentioned on their website). Delete the entries found. Be very careful during this process, always check the dates when the file was created or modified. Don't delete files you are not sure about.
    3. Reboot.

    Good luck!

    P.S.: Most probably you forgot to delete the stray files ("APExtFramebuffer.kext" and "AirParrotDriver.kext") from Library/Extensions/.

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