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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by WJKramer, Apr 28, 2015.

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    I believe my assumption is correct but with like confirmation regarding airplane mode. Assume I have the airplane mode, in the apple watch app, selected to mirror my iPhone they will set each other when either device is selected to airplane. However the reverse is not true because all communication capability of the slaved device has been disabled. Correct? Was hoping for some magic and guess. Ha.
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    From the user guide:

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    Your assumption was right. With BT on, the watch and iPhone can communicate to each other, and so when one is switched to airplane mode, it quickly sync with the other to switch it to airplane mode too right before the communication is terminated.

    Once disconnected, there is no way for the watch and iPhone to communicate with each other. Therefore you must turn off airplane mode on both devices individually.
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    Thanks. So much easier than looking it up. :)


    Only if NFC could trigger the wake up. Both the watch and iPhone have this so one can hope in the future. Not sure how viable that would be though given the proximity required to use NFC.

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