AirPlay desktop to desktop?


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Feb 1, 2011
I have a question regarding AirPlay.

I have two computers:
rMBP (1st gen)
Windows 8.1 HTPC

The HTPC is a suitable gaming PC with i7, 8gb ram, SSD and r7970 GPU... I rarely get to use it because it's hooked up to the main TV mainly used for movies/steam, and in this setting it wouldn't be suitable for games like WOW. We use it as a couch-console like unit with controller.

I'm wondering if it's at all possible to stream the content of my HTPC to my retina macbook pro display so that I can play higher powered games on my rMBP but using the power of my PC.

[edit] from what i can see AirPlay does not allow outright streaming of a desktop, even if i was to setup my PC as a broadcaster (if this is possible?) and mac as a receiver using 3rd party software... if this is the case is there anything else besides Steam?

A bit like Steam In-Home Streaming, but this doesn't work well with games outside of Steam, WOW was blurry and lagged, games outside of steam like FIFA must be used as a work around and disables things like controller support.

Infact it would be great all round if i could work on my PC whilst sat on my mac without some laggy VNC.
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Aug 2, 2002
Cork, Ireland.
I doubt if Airplay mirroring your PC's screen (even if you find a solution) will work well; I'd expect it to be low resolution and the inputs very laggy (lots of latency). It might work for more strategic games, but not FPSs etc.
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