Airplay Direct, or solution for business/campus use

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by ra4oasis, Oct 18, 2012.

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    Jul 10, 2010
    In late August, there were rumors that Apple was going to announce Airplay Direct, which would be a method of using Airplay, but without a traditional wifi network. Nothing was ever announced. I work at a University, and our network is much more complicated than your home network. Between vlan switching, going across subnets, firewalls, and so on, we can't use Airplay on campus. I've read of other campuses or businesses that are are in the same boat. So I'd LOVE for something like Airplay Direct (fingers crossed for the announcement on the 23rd). Anyone else work on a campus or at a business? If so, do you use Airplay, and how?
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    Oct 18, 2012
    Hi, I actually felt the need to register to respond to this post. I'm a student tech worker at a university, and our college just finished an installation of Apple TVs in all of our classrooms to compliment our distribution of iPads to the teaching faculty. We had to go through quite a rigmarole with our DataComm department to get everything set up.

    I believe how everything was set up was:
    • Apple TVs were hooked into Ethernet jacks on the existing wireless access points
    • DataComm created a "virtual" wireless network that all the Apple TVs were connected to via their wired connections
    • This newly created network has some relaxed restrictions on device-to-device communications, and is a passthrough to access the internet
    • So when the faculty want to display on the Apple TVs, they connect to this network that's separate from our standard wireless, and they get the regular Airplay dialog
    It's pretty easy to handle at my level, but I gather it was somewhat of a pain for my higher-ups.
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    That would be really cool, just don't know how they'll do it... Bluetooth seems the most obvious, but I'm not sure if the :apple:TV has Bluetooth. :apple:TV 4th gen? :D I'll sell my 2nd gen right away (still wanna sell it anyway, just too lazy to put it on ebay;)) if that happens.
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    They ought to be able to do it by an Ad-hoc connection between the iPad and the Apple TV. The only issue with that might be a lack of internet connection for both devices. There is no reason they can't make that an optional feature though. What would be ideal is a little HDMI dongle that connects via bluetooth for like $50 sans all the other "Apple TV" features.
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    I would love this feature, hope its talked about at this next event.

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