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I have had an all Apple Network for years. Recently my Apple Airport Extreme failed. I needed to replace it and did not like the new form factor of the Airport Extreme Silo tower.

I researched which routers worked best and settled on an Asus, AC style. I am very happy with this choice as it gives me great power/range, no need for repeaters, and is very fast.

The problem is my apple computers, iPhones, and apple TV's no longer talk to each other. Everything on my network works except for Apple stuff to Apple stuff.

I called Apple tech support, this just left me frustrated as their answer is the issue is my Asus router.

My computer works great on the network, my phones work great, even my apple tv will stream from Apple, the only issue is the remote app will not connect, and I can no longer stream from my computer to my apple tv. Lucky for me all my purchased movies are still in iCloud which still works. However my none Apple movies are no longer viewable.

Has anyone else seen this, can any give me some help on how to get my Apple devices to play nicely with each other on my home network.

BTW, the apple TV is a ATV3 with latest updates, iPhone 5s running latests still did not work with iOS 7. and an MacBook pro running latest software.

Thank you
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