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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by michaelsviews, Feb 7, 2015.

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    We are in the market for a new receiver in our home. I'm not looking to spend a ton of money but I am not sure if it's better to go with a receiver that has wifi and airplay built in or wifi and bluetooth.

    Our thinking is that if airplay is in the receiver that we can play all of our music through iTunes/airplay.

    I do not want to buy more than what is necessary.


    Came across this post on a search and it seem's that Airplay is the way to go
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    Don't some of them have both now? I think the article you posted pretty much explains the pros and cons.

    I'll emphasize the range issue as well with bluetooth, especially for a large home/workplace. You pull out your iPhone, put on some tunes on in the living room, put the iPhone back in your pocket, your friends and family are enjoying the music, 10 minutes later you go upstairs to get something from the bedroom, and the music cuts out, and your friends and family are like :mad:


    One "pro" for Airplay that I didn't see highlighted is that if you have any plans to expand to multi-room audio, Airplay will more easily accommodate that (and I know you might be thinking, you don't have any interest in that, but unless you live in a really tiny place, once you start using Airplay, you start thinking it would be really cool if I could be listening to some tunes in the kitchen, etc.).
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    +1 OP just has to weight the options and determine the best fit.
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    We are seriously looking at the following

    Sony STR-DA1800ES 7.2 Channel Wi-Fi Receiver with AirPlay and Bluetooth

    $699.00 5 Year Warranty, can buy it locally or on Amazon, Actually Amazon is selling these pretty fast

    Thank you to all that replied
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    If you are an all apple household then definitely prioritize airplay for all the reasons stated in article. Range, sound quality, ease of use, sending to multiple locations. That being said I would imaging many have both nowadays as you have found so may be a non-issue.
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    I would go AirPlay over BT. I have one AirPlay receiver and one BT receiver in my house. The range on the BT receiver is pretty horrible. You more or less need to stay within 15-20 feet and keep as much of a direct "line of sight" to the receiver as possible. Walls, doors, things like that degrade the signal (from my experience). On the other hand, AirPlay offers the same type of range and signal as your Wifi.
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