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    so I know usually AirPlay is plug and play...
    Long story short. I moved apartments and my apartment is right above the clubhouse so I have free wifi. The way the network is setup, I can't see another Apple TV that's connected to the network.. I have a time machine.. Wondering if theirs a way maybe I can bounce the network maybe off my time machine..and that it will work? Or some type of way recreate another network using their internet lol. Trying to save myself $100 a month
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    This thread may help you.

    They discuss how to glom onto a wifi connection and create your own LAN off the back of it using an additional router (e.g. an Airport Express). So, for $99, you can achieve your goal. Have the Express connect to the wifi, then connect your TC to it via Ethernet. Set up your own LAN on the TC and you're in business.

    A word of caution, though: while traffic within your LAN is fire-walled behind the TC, traffic to the outside will run through the public WAN and thus will never be properly secure because you're on someone else's open network.

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