Airplay solution for balcony and bathroom?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by alexjholland, Mar 8, 2014.

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    Hey, I am 100% Apple in my flat's setup.

    My bedroom's iMac holds my huge media library, which is streamed through to the Apple TV (connected to plasma and home cinema kit) in my living room, to be controlled my iPad. It's a great solution, which allows me to have synchronised music between my bedroom and kitchen/living room (one large room) - being able to hand the iPad to guests to choose music is a bonus.

    I also have a large balcony at the back of the living room, with patio doors opening out, which I'd like music on. Of course, I can open the doors, but would like to have a speaker out there, especially for summer.

    Equally, my listening experience continuing whilst I have a shower would also be cool.

    It seems I can either look at a permanent solution for each (drilled weatherproof speakers on the balcony and some kind of plug-in waterproof speakers for the bathroom), or perhaps I could get one portable, rechargeable/mains-powered Airplay speaker to cover both requirements?

    Obviously a permanent balcony solution will require drilling, wiring and somewhere to place the amp? Could be expensive?

    Equally, a portable solution which would be bathroom-based would need to be steam-proof also..

    I could always get a bathroom-specific solution (maybe an Airport Express and steam proof speaker) and a separate rechargeable Airplay speaker to take onto the balcony?

    Thoughts and suggestions appreciated, thanks
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    the iHome iW1 has a rechargeable battery, but the sound doesn't get that good of reviews. The iW2 is similar, but no battery, and the sound is better reviewed. I use the iW2 at home in my bathroom, I don't get exceptionally steamy, but i haven't had a problem with it, and for the bathroom the sound is perfectly fine.
    I'm not sure how either would hold up for a large patio.

    for the patio, waterproof speakers, and a airport express and amp back inside the attic is what i would do.
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    Does your homme cinema kit have a second zone for speakers?

    If not, look at Jambox by Jawbone
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