Airplay sound delay with wireless speaker

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by MacinAppleTosh, Aug 4, 2013.

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    Aug 4, 2013
    I recently purchased a wireless speaker with airplay capabilites. One of the main uses I wanted it for was to play the sound while I was watching netflix on my tv through my MBP (late 2012 edition with latest mountain lion OSx) hooked up with a Mini DisplayPort . When playing a movie through iTunes there is no sound delay, but when I go online and watch something on netflix there is a 3-5 sec. delay.

    Is there any way to fix this delay without having to buy anything or download any 3rd party apps?
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    Aug 4, 2013
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    I don't have a netflix sub but tried a similar thing with YouTube and there was no significant delay (watching video on MacBook but using AirPlay for sound). Is it just Netflix or do browser-based streamers like YouTube, Hulu also do this? Are you using Safari?
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    audio airplay has about a 2 second delay due to buffering.

    iTunes takes this into account, and delays the interface to match the audio output.
    quicktime player will also do this if using the airplay option in system audio in mountain lion.

    I'm not sure how the browsers handle this.
    You best chance of success is probably with safari.
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    Aug 4, 2013
    Did a ton of searching and found my best bet was to use airfoil.
    Was also able to get it for free if anyone is interested.

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