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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Boogsephine, Nov 30, 2015.

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    Hi all,

    This problem just started happing out of no where about a week ago. I have two ATV2's in my house right now both jailbroken on iOS 5.3. Prior to a week ago I was able to use the WatchESPN app to view my football and Sports Center with no problem. If there wasn't something available, I could AirPlay the content from my iPad or iPhone and it would be just fine.

    Now I cannot even use the WatchESPN app on either of my devices. I'm signed in with my cable company, application opens fine and when I go to start streaming the content I get the "An error occurred loading this content. Try again later" message.

    The WatchESPN app works just fine on the phone and tablet and even lets me "mirror" it to the ATV but doesn't let me stream it full screen. This is where I'm getting confused on why it isn't letting me do much of anything else. I'm able to AirPlay YouTube, NetFlix, Amazon, etc. with no issues but cannot get the WatchESPN app to work at all on the ATV's and I cannot stream the content up.

    It DOES let me AirPlay it from my MacBook Pro in full screen but not my iOS devices (which are all jailbroken as well).

    I've searched on here for a resolution but did not see any that were the same issue as mine and none that seemed to be cured either. Any ideas here? I'm tempted to ditch the ATV's and go back to the Amazon Firebox and add sources to there if I cannot get this working. Kinda sucks being I have app Apple products but can't stream anything via AirPlay that is important.

    Thanks for reading!

    Edit: I went back into the WatchESPN app and some of the material plays. An NBA game loaded but when I went back to NFL, it gave me the error. Same error when trying to AirPlay the NBA game from the iPad to the ATV.
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    I spent the rest of the evening the other night restoring my Apple TV to stock and issue still persists. I ended up just ordering an Amazon Fire TV and 'jailbreaking' that and installing Kodi for my movies I have here on my computer at home. I'm kind of sad to stop using the Apple TV for my primary source of entertainment in the living room but it just was giving too many errors for such basic use.

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