Airplay Streaming - Multi-tasking Audio?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by vpr, Aug 7, 2012.

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    Mar 3, 2008
    Quick question which may dictate my purchasing decision:

    The Setup:

    Computer in a corner desk, 55" HDTV on the other side of the room, running a cable would involve several angles, going past a closet door and the front door. Have a newborn so running on the floor not a good idea, and it's an apartment so I don't want to fill the wall with holes for running cable on the top of the wall, so a cable run isn't viable.

    What I want to accomplish:

    My wife, who is from a different country, streams TV shows from her country over the internet. In our previous house (rental), I used a dvi -> hdmi cable (monoprice) connected to my PC's video card (nvidia 560ti) which ran to the TV. My PC's monitor was connected to the mini dvi out. Using an extended desktop we were able to move her program to the extended desktop and maximize it filling the TV screen, and since it was an nvidia card, within the program we could select the sound to be used through the video cards sound chip (hdmi sends sound too). So I could be playing a game or watching youtube with my sound coming through the PC speakers and my wife could be watching her show with the audio coming out of the TVs speakers without any overlap in sound.

    We want to know if we use our MAC could we accomplish the same thing? Could I use the mac for my own things at the same time as she is watching her shows on the tv using airplay streaming without the audio streams crossing? Or would whatever I were doing also play on the TV?


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