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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by ng7apoc, Feb 17, 2014.

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    I've just tried out AirPlay mirroring on my Apple TV 3 from my iPad Air and unfortunately I'm getting stutter. I'm playing back videos in VLC and when I start to play them they play absolutely fine video and sound in sync perfectly smoothly then after a few minutes it stutters for a few seconds then goes back to playing fine! If it was occasional when the network was in use I'd understand that or if it were constant then ok but it seems to keep doing it even when nothing else is using the network and plays flawlessly for several minutes otherwise :confused:

    I'm trying to narrow it down to simply AirPlay, VLC or my router - a Billion 7800n but at this point its not really obvious and could be any of those - or indeed something else entirely.

    Both iPad and Apple TV are running latest firmware and the iPad isn't jailbroken.

    I know video issues over AirPlay mirroring are a topic discussed plenty but I really just want to know if its worth spending more money on a better router or if its not going to make a great deal of difference what I do
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    I think VLC is to blame.
    The idea of video streaming is that Apple just transfers the encoded stream from iTunes to the ATV. With VLC, it becomes a screen-cast instead, and that puts very high demands on the connection. 720p/24p is like 66MB/s or 500Mbit, and that implies that Airplay only sends the unique 24 frames of the 60fps screen refresh. If it wants to send all 60 frames, it needs 1250Mbit Wifi! A Blu Ray 1080p stream is only 6MB/s or 50mbit, iTunes an even smaller rate than that, more like 2MB/s.
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    It could be VLC, but I'd check your cables too. Both my ATV units are cabled and don't use wifi...this makes for a smooth streaming experience...I've just tried a VLC stream, and it works perfectly.
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    It could be interference. Check if there are wifi stations near you on the same channel (you can use the free iStumbler for that on a Mac).

    If it isn't interference, try downgrading the firmware on your Apple TV to 5.3. This helped for me when I had similar problems.

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