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Oct 15, 2011
An interesting feature I came across the other day...

Was wanting to playing a movie on my TV via ATV from my laptop but my router wasn't working... So I I decided to create a hotspot on my phone and connected both to my phone... After the movie I came back to my room and connected the ATV to my surround system and late in the night I wanted to play a few numbers from my phone... Now there was no router to put my phone and ATV on the same network... Also now I was too lazy to set up another phone on the hotspot and reconnect my ATV to the tv and change the wifi settings... So I just switched on the hotspot on my phone again, as the last wifi my ATV was connected to was my phone... It reconnected to it immediately... And what do I see... I get the airplay icon...!! I was more surprised than happy.. This was something I had never read about... But it is a very handy feature... I finally got to play my songs while being lazy... :p

Just posting it so that it could maybe be useful to someone...


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May 18, 2013
mindblown! cant wait to try it.
now i wont have to connect all the things to play songs:D
thanks for sharing.