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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by cylemmulo, Feb 9, 2017.

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    So, I bought the Airpods to use with my phone, but also to go running with. They feel great running with, almost like nothing is in, but using my phone to run with sucks. I usually use a Sandisk clip player and it is perfect, except it's only wired.

    So began my quest to find a portable bluetooth mp3 player. Which, strangely is kind of difficult. Not only to find one that is small with a clip, but also one that has bluetooth at all. Here are my discoveries.

    - Tried an iPodd nano (after updating to 3.5.1) and it was still ridiculously low volume. I don't like it anyway because of the lack of buttons.

    - Tried an AGPTek player that is almost identical to my Sandisk
    This was a terrible experience. unless the player was like within a foot, and the airpods were right next to eachother, the bluetooth would cut out and disconnect. Not to mention, the interface seems like it was created by a D+ programming student. It's literally the worst, and works terrible.

    - Found that BestBuy had a bluetooth sandisk
    This seemed really promising, but failed miserably. The only device I've tried with that wouldn't connect at all. It saw the airpods, but would just sit there and not connect. Tried on another pair of headphones and they worked, so the player seemed to be functioning normally.

    - 3rd try, another Chinese brand.
    This seemed promising at first. It's got quite a few cool features for the site (though the touch buttons kinda suck) and it connected and played good at first. However, out running, clipped to my shorts it would have cutouts. Holding it in my hands worked about 85% of the time maybe and would still have issues now and then. Not the best solution though I would say usably annoying.

    -4th try! I went simple and cheap!
    Decided to get this little transmitter, and plug it into my normal corded sandisk player. This strangely was the most functional one. I didn't ever notice it while running, It had one small cutout, but I readjusted it and it was fine. Seems to be pretty good.

    All in all, it looks like the airpods are fairly compatible, but need a decent quality bluetooth transmitter to keep going while you're moving around a lot.

    I hope this helped some people out that like me can't stand jogging with your phone.
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    Haven't tried, but it's on the officially supported list I believe so I imagine it works well.
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