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Apr 12, 2001

Apple is hosting a virtual event on Monday at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, with rumors widely suggesting the event will be focused on redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models with a faster version of the M1 chip, brighter mini-LED displays, and more.


In an investor note with Wedbush today, shared with MacRumors, analyst Dan Ives said third-generation AirPods will likely be announced at the event as well. The new AirPods are rumored to feature a similar design as the AirPods Pro, but without Active Noise Cancellation, and they could have improved sound quality and some other new features.

The third-generation AirPods have already been manufactured and are ready to launch, according to Wedbush's supply chain checks, which increases the likelihood that they will be announced during the Apple Event next week.

Earlier this week, an account on Chinese social media platform Weibo known as @PandaIsBald also claimed that third-generation AirPods will be announced at the Apple Event next week. Last month, the same account accurately revealed that Apple would announce the ninth-generation iPad at its September event.

This would be the first update to the standard AirPods since the second-generation AirPods were released in March 2019. The second-generation AirPods are priced at $159 with a wired charging case and at $199 with a wireless charging case.

An update to the AirPods Pro is not expected until next year.

Article Link: AirPods 3 Ready to Launch and Likely to Be Announced at Apple Event Next Week, Analyst Says


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Oct 10, 2021
I do not like the fact that they dont have the rubber tips, in the Airpods Pro there's like a little grid in there and it helps a lot to keep it clean.


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Feb 10, 2010
Are these the same analysts who said MacBook Pros were coming at WWDC?

if they are, missing the mark on wwdc isn't a big deal. we dont have tons of information as to how they gather information or who their sources are, and i imagine for a trillion dollar company, things can evolve pretty quickly.

macbooks *might* at some point have been slated for reveal at WWDC, but apple switched course. we're only 4 months out from wwdc so not entirely an off base notion that it just got pushed back. or maybe it was never planned for wwdc and the intel was wrong.

who cares.


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Mar 13, 2008
I do not like the fact that they dont have the rubber tips, in the Airpods Pro there's like a little grid in there and it helps a lot to keep it clean.
That is just a render, the product has not been released yet so we don't know how they will actually look like.


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Feb 5, 2009
It would make sense only because if Monday is only about the MacBook Pros, then it’s going to be a very quick event.

Here’s to hoping there are new AirPods or something else announced.


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Dec 20, 2016
I liked the native integration but I will most likely never buy those consumables again :(

One of my AirPods 1 only plays for a minute before shutting off and wanting me to put it back into the case. Yes, I have tried all of the techniques I found on the web and it has the latest firmware. The battery is not replaceable and for someone in my corner of Europe there is also no swap service. Paying almost full price for replacement pods is also not something I would consider. It becomes a service of AirPods for 4 years for 200€+ at that point.

This time instead of AirPods Pro for 249€ I opted for Sony WH-1000XM4 for 300€ that can be used as wired headphones if the battery no longer holds a charge. I know, AirPods are earphones and the WH-1000XM4 are headphones but the price range is the same.

My first iPhone, the 3GS, still turns on and works after all these years.


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Jan 8, 2021
Just bought another pair of original AirPods for my wife, thankfully Costco allows returns for a long time in case these are released soon, I think she'd prefer this new model.
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Jan 3, 2007
While this is probably true, it's pretty clear from previous events that Dan Ives does not have the best record when it comes to Apple announcements. I don't mind when he pumps my AAPL stock on CNBC, but I wouldn't use him as product announcement prediction.
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Jul 16, 2010
I tried the airpod pro, the silicone caused a reaction in my ears, really bad so had to return them so was looking at the normal ones. But then you have the short battery life. I understand there is only so much room so I'm guessing things like this are just not for me. I need something that'll last all day long which these things just don't do. Instead I settled on a set of gaming wireless over the ear headphones instead. I tried the beats ones but the ear cuffs are too small and uncomfortable. Guess this is just one category where apple branded products just don't work for me.

Tyler O'Bannon

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Nov 23, 2019
New design, find my, MagSafe charging case, $149 or 159. only 1 model plz. no varying case options. most likely lightning
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