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Jan 8, 2015
Hey all,

Since the update to iOS 15.2.1, my AirPods Pro show annoying behavior. While connected to both my Mac (MBP 16") and my iPhone (11), the iPhone keeps 'capturing' the AirPods. For example, I'm listening to Spotify on my Mac, but every few minutes, the music stops with a notification on my Mac that the AirPods connection was moved to my iPhone and the option to reconnect. Reconnecting doesn't automatically start playing the music again. I'm not playing music on my iPhone, so there's just silence after the capture. It happens even when I'm not using my iPhone and it's just on the table.

I've tried rebooting both devices and the AirPods. But the iPhone keeps aggressively connecting to the AirPods...

Prior to the 15.2.1 update, the AirPods could easily be connected to multiple Apple devices without any device aggressively capturing audio. It would just play the sounds on whatever device I was actively using.

I've reported it to Apple. Anyone else with this problem?


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Jun 14, 2009
Not happing here either. My AirPods only switch from my Mac to my iPhone when I have something with audio running on the phone, which could be an ad running in Safari or an App. Otherwise, the AirPods stay connected to my Mac.


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Oct 30, 2006
This is happening to me too and not just with Airpods Pro, but other bluetooth headphones as well (Bose QC 35).
iPhone 11 Pro Max on 15.2.1 and MBP 13-inch 2018 on 12.1.
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