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Sep 12, 2015
Just wondering if people who had their original AirPods engraved think it was worthwhile. I was all set to buy them but was a bit indecisive, and now estimated arrival is Dec 14-18.

Tempted to just go the Apple store today and pick up a pair.


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Jun 10, 2018
I wouldn't wait for it. There are basically two reasons why people get their Apple products engraved. The first reason is they think it looks great and the second one is that they want to be able to tell it's their product. If you think it looks great, you can wait for it. However, for the second reason you could also just decorate your case with a small sticker or something. For me, I just bought these for the sound quality and features. I'm also not someone that'll mix up my AirPods with someone else's.


Nov 2, 2014
I've never been a big fan of engraving technology products. But, to each their own but I personally wouldn't wait and just go get them.


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Sep 12, 2015
You guys are right. I just thought it looked cool, and spent a few days wondering what I’d actually put on it and ironically missed the window.

My Beats wired earbuds just died too so I’d have to either go without or buy a cheap pair to use in the mean time which is just silly.


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Jun 23, 2009
I tried to replicate the Supreme sticker that’s on my AirPods, but Apple rejected the text. So, I’ll be picking up an unengraved pair from the store later today.



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Jul 24, 2011
Send them to me and I’ll engrave whatever you want in whatever font or size lol I always engrave my products Incase I happen to lose them, you usually have a better chance at getting them back. Left my 2nd gen AirPods at the gym once and the next day I ask the front desk if some had been found and sure enough someone turned them in. I usually pass them down to family once I get new ones anyway so resale value isn’t a big concern for me but I can see how someone would want to keep that in mind. Engraving takes all of 25 seconds if that. You spend more time centering and positioning whatever your gonna engrave lol.


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