Airpods vs Bose QuietControl 30

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by simplygood, Oct 13, 2016.

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    Dec 4, 2015
    Is there anyone who got Bose QC30 for your iphone and other iOS devices? Anyone haven't decided to choose between the twos?

    I was considering to buy Airpods right away when it becomes available. But I am leaning toward Bose QC30. Some seem to complain that its noise canceling is not great than other Bose's. But I guess it would be one of the best NC earphones anyway. Airpods must be nice for the money, but I have been using wired NC headphone for a while and am wondering if I ever can use non-NC headphone like Airpods without complaining. Some benefits of Airpods may be overshadowed by the benefits of QC30's noise cancelling. QC30's neck stuff doesn't seem inconvenient and may be better for carrying around than Airpods, which might often have to be in one of many pockets I will search all the times.
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    I got the Boss QC30 and it's all what I hoped for. I have it easily connected to both my ipad pro and my iphone. The sound quality is what you expect from Boss. The NC is awesome and can control very easily. I love the battery standby and usage time. I also have the Bragi Dash which I enjoy. But the battery makes it tiresome and the connectivity isn't the best. Only thing Bragi has over QC30 is the waterproof and the extra features that I don't use at all. Personally, I use my apple watch for vitals and etc.

    Portability IMHO is little over-rated if you want it near you or on you. The case that Bragi comes with (charger case) is not the smallest so not as practical putting that in my pants. Kind of cumbersome to put it in your back pack and pull it out when you need i.e. for calls. As mentioned, but connection is not quick enough or reliable. All in all, the Bragi Dash isn't bad.

    I mentioned Dash cause of course no one knows how well the airpods will work. But having similar characteristics I mentioned thinking that it will be pretty similar. Only thing that airpods has is the W1 chip that can make it worth it.

    QC30 is very comfortable and I forget many times that I even have it on. And when I need it connected to what ever device, I push the button and instantly it connects.

    it will come down to what you want to use it for. Exercise or brief use.... airpod. But all day use for phone calls, music, and videos... QC30 IMHO.

    These are just few comments I have. Hope that helps.
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    Dec 4, 2015
    @cshk9574 Thanks for your opinion! I'm deciding now that I'll be getting a Bose QC30 rather than airpods. QC30 seems to be much better for my needs!
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    Oct 21, 2005

    I loved my QC30 but I've been getting a lot of stuttering with my 7+, which doesn't happen with my QC35 and soundsport wireless. Mainly while walking around. Are you experiencing that at all?

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