Airport base station router with NTL cable broadband (UK)


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Nov 1, 2005
Birmingham, UK
I am having difficulty using my airport base station to share internet with my housemates via NTL cable broadband in the UK.

The base station connects to our cable modem via ethernet without a problem and my iMac can connect and use the internet.

However, if somebody else [on windows] logs into my router, they get assigned the same ip address as me and then neither of us can use the internet [] (router is

I have set the base station to distribute IP addresses where it says 10.0.0.* addressing but it only seems to be dishing out one address.

I have tried to use the distribute the following range instead but that requires a static internet ip, which ntl doesnt support.

Any ideas why dhcp isn't working?



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Nov 3, 2005
I use NTL broadband (with a netgear router) and it works fine, are you sure you're getting your IP's via DHCP? I use 192.168.x.x for my local IP's but that shouldn't make any difference...

Check your network setting in System Preferences ==>Network look like this (the IP and router should be 10.x.x.x instead)... Also check the Windows PC is getting it's IP address via DHCP too, and has the latest Airport software on it.
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Nov 3, 2005
UK said:
would you please show me screenshots of each tab of the airport admin utility, showing which settings you have.

I'm afraid I can't help as I don't use an Airport Express but a cheap netgear instead, if no-one else can help can't you ask Apple for help (if you have to pay you might as well buy another router TBH)?