Airport card freezing up Mac


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Sep 29, 2005

Last week I had a problem with my graphics card that "burned". I got my Mac back a couple of days ago and yesterday I decided to clean it up on the inside, something I've never done in 6 years.

I just used a clean cloth, a brush and a can of air. I tried to be as careful as possible. When everything was set and done I booted the Mac and everything ws fine and dandy. A few hours later, I booted the Mac again and it froze when booting in Windows 7 (Bootcamp). I restarted and the same problem appeared.

I then booted in OSX and turned on Wi-Fi (I use a direct cable for internet) and the OSX froze too. I then booted Windows 7 in Safe Mode, disabled the wireless card and so far it's been working.

How can I fix this? What could I have done wrong? I don't really use wireless in my MacPro, but I don't want freezings anymore.

Was this my problem because of the cleaning? Was it possible that this was caused with the swapping of the graphics card?

Weird stuff... :confused:

Thank you!

P.S. - I used Lorenz Bell Spray Duster. Personally I think it sucks because it doesn't seem to have a lot of "power", plus it created some wet zones, so I just tried to used it on the fans.


Robert Davies

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Jul 28, 2011
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Pure guesses…


Spray residue across/in the wireless card -> motherboard slot?

Spray residue shorting the wifi antenna plugs?

Your flambé gpu deposited conductive materials where they should not be?

Your flambé gpu took out more than you first thought?

Brian Y

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Oct 21, 2012
OS X in (/Applications/Utilities/

Windows in Event Viewer (Start -> run -> eventvwr.msc)