Airport Card Problem!

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    Sep 8, 2008
    Hi There!

    I have a new Macbook, and my father has a iMac G4. For wireless, we purchased a Airport card, and installed it on the iMac. So we set up a wireless network, and I can connect to the internet via his iMac, but it is so slow that I cannot use Safari, it only loads simple pages, and times out with others. I can get my mail, and use MSN easily. So whats slowing it down? I can connect to my next door neighbours wireless router, and get full internet speeds, so it must be a problem with the iMac...

    Any ideas... i'm desperate!
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    Dec 17, 2006
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    You are sharing the internet off his computer with Internet Sharing, which means his computer has to be handle the network connection for both computers.

    A wireless router like the Airport Extreme or possibly the airport express would be a better solution.

    Can you take back the airport card, and exchange it for an actual wireless router?

    Let us know more about your Internet connection (ie DSL, Cable, Modem or wired router, etc), and we can give you specifics on how it would hook up.

    In general you would hook up the extreme to your cable/dsl modem and then the iMac to the Extreme via an ethernet cable, and then the macbook could connect wirelessly.

    If you already have a router with multiple ports, you could leave the imac connected to the existing router, and connect the extreme as well (with an ethernet cable), and then wirelessly connect to the express.

    What you are doing sounds like it should work, as long as you don't mind having the iMac up when you want to use the MacBook on the net, but obviously something isn't quite right...

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