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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Southerner, Jul 9, 2006.

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    Oct 26, 2005
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    I recently brought my PowerBook to a friend's that he has a wireless network set up in his home with a desktop PC and laptop both on WinXP.

    I connected my PB to my friend's network by AirPort, I was pleased to see it was able to pick up the network without any fuss with the correct name etc. then a password prompt appeared which my friend entered.

    Then I opened Safari to surf the internet with AirPort switched on, to my chagrin I couldn't see anything displayed only with an error message saying I had no connection then I tried Firefox and Explorer to no avail.

    Though I have had a strong AirPort signal that my PB recognised my friend's wireless PC network but none of the browsers will display anything...

    Is it because this is a PC network so there is bound to be a conflict? What should I do to be able to make Safari work properly?

    Many thanks
  2. cbetta macrumors regular

    Jul 5, 2006
    did you try pinging's ip? often you dont have a DNS so you can ping anything but not use the hostname.
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    Jun 7, 2006
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    Is your friends Wireless Network working off DHCP or a fixed IP Address System? If your friends PCs can reach the net, and you are running the same security settings along with Code Key and Password. Then your friend may or by accident on your Airport settings they are configured for Static IPs rather than Dynamic. Using the Network Utility under your /apps/utility check the adaptors on the Airport (mine is en1 on my MBP) and my network is configured as 192.168.x.x and my airport adaptor is a 192.168.x.3 (where x is the same as the network router). Your airport address should reflect the same first three addresses ( of his. One other thing. I am running a XP Network with a Wireless Netgear Router tied to two PCs and my MBP. I had zero problems configuring with DHCP setup on the router. Hope this helps!!

    Bill Sends.....

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