airport express + 1gb internet


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Oct 16, 2014
I am using 1gbps internet. Does Airport Express work well that that?


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May 2, 2013
I am using 1gbps internet. Does Airport Express work well that that?
I want to clarify some things here.. There are a few different things to consider when selecting networking equipment...
1. your internet connection. This is the speed that Comcast/Verizon etc provides you. Those values are usually provided as a download megabits per second. Ie: 20mbps, 105 mbps (comcast blast). They may even list your upload speed 75down/75 up is a VZ option for example. First, what is the internet connection you are using and its speed.
2. The type of wired and wireless equipment in your house. Computers phones etc.

You said you are using 1gbps internet.. Which you are likely not. What you are using is an ethernet cable. Gigabit ethernet has a max theoretical throughput of 1000mbps (megabits per second) aka 1gbps (gigabits per second).

Thats the fastest consumer way to connect equipment -- via ethernet cable. Now, the cable is only part of the equation. We must also make sure that the ethernet controllers (the port or jack) on either end is capable of that. Gigabit ethernet jacks are just that, capable of 1gbps or 1000mbps. Standard ethernet controllers/jacks are 10/100mbps. They have a max theoretical throughput of 100 mbps. Different routers will come with different ethernet controllers. The more expensive routers designed for performance will include gigabit ethernet. The more value friendly ones will not and will only support base ethernet. Just because the router is wireless N also doesn't mean it has gigabit ethernet.

Why does this matter...

Lets say you're paying comcast for the same connection speed that i have. That would be the Blast 105. That provides me with real world connection speeds of 125mbps download/15mbps upload. And lets say you bought that Apple express router with 10/100 ethernet. Theoretically, you could only transfer 100mbps of the 125mbps you're paying for because the controller for ethernet is too slow. Realistically, with throughput loss, you'd likely only get 75mbps of the 125 you're paying for, at best.

Now, if you have a connection speed from comcast or who ever of 20mbps, then standard ethernet controller and that router is more than adequate.

There are several things to consider when purchasing items. The speed you need to be able to transfer from the outside world all the way to your pc will have an impact on what products you buy.

If you're using 20mbps comcast internet, then a cheap base ethernet wireless N router is more than adequate.
If you have a higher connection, then you need to make sure that your modem, router, cable and computer have the capabilities to transfer that signal to you.

Hope this helps



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May 20, 2013
Great explanation and write up.
I would add to that the advice to go for 1GB ethernet and 802.11AC wireless for the following reasons:

  1. price differences between 1GB and 100MB ethernet routers/switches/cables are very small
  2. if you go 100MB you will have to upgrade very soon as internet speeds are going to increase rapidly

So do yourself a favor and future proof you router/WIFI ethernet infrastructure.

IF you are on a budget try Apple refurbished routers.


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May 2, 2013
So do yourself a favor and future proof you router/WIFI ethernet infrastructure.
This is definitely good advice, but I personally stayed away from AC for now.

I recently upgraded some equipment:
This motorola modem, DOCSIS 3.0 and 345 mbs theoretical download provides some comfort into the future.
ASUS RT-N66U Router. Dual band wireless N

I did not go with AC because the only device I currently have capable of running it is my iPhone 6. In addition, the 5ghz wireless N channels are more than capable of through putting my 105mbps connection to my wireless devices.

But again, your choice of equipment will vary based on your usage. I would make sure to at least purchase a DOCSIS 3.0 modem and a dual channel wireless N router of some sort. AC is up to you but it remains pricey at this time. In addition, I'm hoping it will be expanded on with better range and reliability.


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Aug 4, 2011
I am using 1gbps internet. Does Airport Express work well that that?

Its fast enough for most people, and if you are asking, you probably fit the most people category. Even though it would bottleneck you to 1/10 of your capacity, your internet would still be vastly superior to most in the nation.

An Airport Extreme would allow full utilization better.