Airport Express & Airtunes

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    Jun 2, 2003
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    I have a somewhat involved project that I would like to initiate. For my birthday, my wife and I are thinking about getting a reciever and a couple of decent speakers. I don't think I need a CD player because I can always use the iPod or the computer - and I think the DVD player can handle CDs (also, if I can use the computer I can have audioscrobbler counting up my statistics, which I prefer!) I would like to get a very decent reciever for later updating and building of a nice system. For now, we live in a smaller apt. so getting massive speakers isn't such an important issue. Any suggestions?

    For connecting the computer: I have an iMac but I don't think it has an airport card. I need that to broadcast to the airport express, correct? Is there an advantage of that as opposed to somehow directly linking the computer and stereo with cables - which I also don't know how to do...

    Ultimately, I want my computer to be capable of broadcasting/ linking up to a nice reciever/speakers combo. If I have to use the iPod I think that would be simple with a monster RCA adapter.

    We're just starting to think about how to get everything hooked up and what we would need. Please post suggestions, I want to get this right!
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    Apr 10, 2004
    You would probably know if you had an Airport card in it, which means you probably don't. If you do, Airport Express would be great....But also, using stereo cables with the Mac is completely fine and might even sound better. The only difference is that one will have wires and the other, no wires. Good luck on your party!

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