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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by whodareswins, Jul 4, 2012.

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    I recently bought an Airport express to replace my ageing Belkin one. The setup was a breeze and its working pretty well as far as I can tell. The only thing puzzling me is that in the settings it says router mode is 'off (bridge mode)'. What does this mean? And why is it when I enter the router IP it goes to the Virgin Media hub page. (I have to connect the Airport express into the hub/router). I also want to put my xbox 360 outside of the NAT so I can play online. Can't see a way of doing this.

    Any help would be a hugely appreciated!! :)
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    When the router mode says off (bridge mode), that means the device the Express is plugged into is already acting as a router. The box Virgin provided to you is likely some kind of wireless gateway, which is a combination modem/router. As far as putting the 360 outside of NAT, maybe someone else can suggest a solution, not my area of expertise.
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    It is protecting you against IP collisions by prevent what Apple calls "Double NAT". So in 'Bridged Mode' Apple is urning off NAt because it is already behind another router already doing NAT.

    The general rule of networking is only one router in a subnet (Local Area Subnet). The closest router to an access point (ISP modem, etc) should be the only router doing NAT (Network Address Translation=taking a 'Public IP' and divide it into a 'Private IP's and vise-versa). NAT is a scene to save Public IP's in the limited IP range available for world.

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