AirPort Express Base Station


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Oct 24, 2005
Just so I'm clear with this, this is just like a wireless router that you can use to share a printer and play songs to a stereo. So you can connect multiple wireless devices with this and no need a separate wireless router?

Fleetwood Mac

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Apr 27, 2006
Thats right. Although, a number of people are reporting their airport express's just drop dead after a year (I believe there's a thread somehwere), and its my undersanding that signal strength isn't great. I've only had minimal experience with APEs though, so I could be completely wrong.


if you don't care about the over wireless music too much you can get a router with way more features (well....better wireless range, a wired router build in) for under half the price (maybe 1/3 the price) by linksys or dlink, or netgear and it will serve you well. I would go for a linksys wireless router and forget about the airport express :D

oh yeah..and you can still do file and print sharing over it! it just won't do the wireless itunes...thats all


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Apr 25, 2002
Seattle, WA
Been using mine for over two years. Have it hooked into my stereo via optical cable. My epson printer is better when connected to it.. Instead of two printers, one borderless and one with border - as it is when connected via usb, the printer shows up as one printer and I can choose border/less via a pull down when printing...

the Western zoo

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May 16, 2006
Aarhus C, Denmark
my airport express is working super fly! I got it hooked up to my stereo via an optical cable and via the usb to my pixma ip5200 - both working perfectly!
I don't really know about the range because I live in a one room flat and my macbook is never more than 5 metres away from the base station but anyhow I allways have full signal...

on the other hand one of my friends have a linksys router which causes him nothing but trouble, constantly dropping the signal!