Airport Express Issues with Windows XP


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Dec 3, 2003
Southeastern Louisiana
Today I set up an Airport Express at my sister's apartment for her and her roommate to use.

Obviously, it works fine with my sister's Macbook Pro. I set her up with a WEP key, and put it in closed network mode so nobody could see the network.

Problem is, we cannot get it to work on her roommate's HP. I've been iChatting with her for the last 30 minutes trying to get it straightened out but to no avail.

The HP, running XP Home SP2 will connect to the Airport, obviously, because it says that it's not connected, but when you click it under the "view available networks" feature, it'll only give it the option to disconnect, not connect.

I thought I had narrowed it down to the issue of the computer trying to connect to the network with it thinking it would automatically give it a key, and in fact this worked, but it soon reverted to "not connected" status.

Twice we got it working, where it reverted to "Limited or no Connectivity" and then to "Connected", where it stayed here for a minute or so and then switched back to "Not Connected".



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Feb 15, 2008
having the same problem

I have a Compaq Presario laptop running Windows XP SP2. I have the airport extreme in our house that works great with our MacBook Pro. But, I have the same problem....the computer says that the computer is "not-connected", but I can only click "Disconnect". I am on the internet for a minute....but then it drops out.

any ideas?


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Feb 15, 2008
Possibly found a solution

I may have found a solution. I went to the compaq website and looked for updated wifi card drivers (mine is built-in). I installed the drivers, and one of the downloads was actually wlan software for my computer. After installing that, I still let "windows control my wi-fi settings".

So far, so good. The computer is still connected to my apple AirPort Extreme (which, again, had no problem connecting to the AirPort).

Hope this helps some...
Check for updated drivers.