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May 23, 2012
I have the 1st gen 802.11n Airport Express (7.6.3) setup to join a WPA2 AES wifi network. Everything works fine for a while, but every now and then, about once every day or two, the AirPlay feature becomes unresponsive and disconnects from the network. Sometimes I still see the AirPlay device name in my available AirPlay devices list, and sometimes it disappears from the list, but either way, I find I have to restart the Airport Express to have the AirPlay feature reconnect.

After a while repeating this process becomes frustrating.

Is this happening to many other people?
Am I doing something wrong?

What recommendations might I try to resolve this.



macrumors 601
May 27, 2008
it's probably to do with your main router and not the airport.
try rebooting the router.

google the model # of the router and airplay, see if there are any suggestions.

possible look for a setting called WMM, and disable that.


macrumors newbie
Mar 20, 2013
I'd try to add a dchp reservation in the main router using the airport express's MAC address. I had problems with a Verizon Fios router and an airport express doing the same thing. I seem to remember trying different wireless security settings (wpa, wpa2 wep...) also.
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