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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by pdaly10, Aug 27, 2012.

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    Feb 10, 2012
    Recently I bought an Airport Express to bring to college because our school's Wi-Fi (WPA2-Enterprise configuration) does not allow me to use AirPlay at all. I was wondering how to set up my Airport Express in such a way that I could use the school's wired internet for my network source but then create a new network just for my room, where the Airport Express is plugged in. My problem now is that whenever I go to use the wifi being sent out by my airport express, I'm still brought to the school's internet screen where it forces me to login to my network account. This is not so much a problem on my mac, but on my Apple TV the network only allows me to use home sharing (itunes, itunes match, netflix, etc. don't even show up on the ATV home screen). Basically what I'm trying to get across here is that I need to somehow connect the airport express to the wired (or wireless) internet here at my school and be logged into the network so I can have full internet access on all my devices. Thanks!
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    If your school network requires you to submit login credentials each time this probably won't be possible.

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