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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Tknull, Feb 26, 2013.

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    I just switched internet providers. My prior one had a modem/router combination that you were obligated to use. The new one does not. So I had to dig the couple year old Motorola Modem and Airport Express from the closet. I have hooked them up, and set a password. The MBA connects to it okay, and can access the internet (although the airport frequently pops open and has two error messages). The ipad and iPad mini cannot access the internet at all. The two errors that the airport utility gives are:
    1) Internet Connection - The Airport Express does not have a valid IP address.
    2) No DNS Servers.

    Any ideas how to resolve this?
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    The first thing you should look into is if the Airport Express and the modem have the same base DNS, so lets say the Motorola has you should preferably have a complete other one for the Express, something like
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    The way it's supposed to work is like this :
    1. The modem gets an Internet IP address from the ISP and an ISP DNS.
    2. The modem passes this through to the router (in this case the Airport Express). So if the AE/Modem combo is working OK then you will see some addresses in the Internet section of the AE's Airport Utility. There will be an external IPv4 address, an external Router address and one (maybe two) DNS Server addresses.
    3. All your internal devices MBA, iPad, iPad Mini then get their data from the AE through the AE acting as a DHCP server. If the AE is working OK, then in the Networking section of the MBA's System Preferences under Advanced>DNS for your connection (WiFi or USB adaptor) you will see the same DNS Server address.

    I can't help you with setting up the Motorola modem (don't have one). But my Draytek Vigor setup was simple, but I had to set it up by direct connection to the MBA first.
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    Thanks for the replies...
    I tried resetting it, with no luck. The technician came by today. He first swapped the modem for one of his, and it still did not work. Then he swapped routers, and that did the trick. So it's definitely the router. He loaned me his until I purchase a new one or fix this one. Its a gen 1 airport express... so i'll probably just go pick up a new one tomorrow and be done.

    On an aside, i'd be happy to mail this older gen 1 express to anyone that thinks they can get it working and use it (at a minimum, it was letting me do wireless printing from it even though the internet would not work, i'd assume music as well).

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