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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by ahmed.hassan, May 23, 2008.

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    I will, in September, be attending university. Therefore, I will be taking my laptop to my halls of residence where there will be a university LAN access point inside my room. I'll be taking a few additional wireless devices, such as an iPhone and PS3 along with the laptop. As a result, I'd like to create a wireless network so that I can access the internet/university LAN wirelessly from the aforementioned devices.

    I am planning on taking an Airport Express with me so that I can connect it to the access point via Ethernet, and consequently create a wireless network which will allow my devices access to the internet/university LAN via the Airport Express, wirelessly. However, my university stipulates that only one device may be connected at one time, per access point.

    Will the Airport Express be the only device with a university LAN IP address (assigned via DHCP), and will the devices that I connect be given IP addresses by the Airport Express, completely dissimilar to the university LAN IP address?
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    The router will be the one device attached to their network and behind NAT/DHCP will be your devices.
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    That's great news. Thanks for your prompt response!

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