Airport Express Randomly Shutting Down?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by DrDomVonDoom, Apr 8, 2011.

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    So here's the deal, I have a Airport Express, I have it set up as my main router right now, I have AirPlay set up via my AppleTv 2.0 and my Airport Express just kind of dies, it doesn't display a problem via the light on it, just all data stops moving through it, the internet stops flowing and it will stop sending information to the Apple TV, anyone else having this problem? Or have found a way to correct it? If so, please throw me a line here, its about the 3rd time its happened today, the only thing that rectify's it is shutting airport off, then turning it back on. Which makes me think at this moment, its my iMac and not my Airport Express.....****. I need to test this more I think, perhaps next time it happens try to connect with my iphone. I'm not sure at this point. But if anyone else has had a experiance like this let me know. Airport Express is running firmware version 7.5.2 btw.
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    have you checked for wireless interference ?

    perhaps one of your neighbor's wireless networks is interfering with yours. download e.g. iStumbler and note the channels other networks in the vicinity are broadcasting on. change the channel(s) of your network as far away as possible from those.

    note there may be hidden (closed) networks around that iStumbler won't pick up. however, KisMac will be able to. be aware, though, that in some countries the use of KisMac may not be legal !

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