Airport Express vs Airport Extreme

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Doju, May 29, 2009.

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    Hey everyone. Loving the community by the way. All the help is terrific, can't thank you enough. A library of infinite knowledge, if you will. :)

    I'm a basic Mac user. I have a junky 802.11b Airlink router that... just isn't getting the job done now a days. Plus, I'd love one made by Apple so it all works together well.

    I'm drawn between an Airport Extreme or an Airport Express. Would the extreme be overkill for what I do?

    Networking between one MacBook, one Mac Mini, and one Dell computer. I want to be able to hook my printer up to it so I can print wirelessly. Don't really need a hard-drive networked.

    Really, what would be the advantage of an Airport Extreme over an Airport Express in this situation? Can I hook us a USB Hub for both?

    Money is a variable, so keep that in mind. And it will work with the Dell, right? (Either one?)

    Right now I notice when I have a lot of torrents downloading one on computer, internet on the other is slower. Is this because we're using 802.11b (I want n anyway). Or is it because they're both running on the same thing or whatever? With the Extreme vs. Express can you make it run on different channels so the internet speed/bandwidth/whatever is independent of each other.

    Thanks a lot guys. Loving the community.
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    Only the Extreme allows 2 different bands at the same time. You can use a mixed mode with either the Express or the Extreme which allows b/g/n devices on the same network but the g and n devices run slower if a b device joins the network (although not down to b speeds). Are any of the devices connected by Ethernet cable? If so, then the Extreme is your only option since the Express can only connect to the router with Ethernet. I find the Extreme has greater range in mixed mode (b/g/n).
  3. mrmahaffey macrumors newbie

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    I have the newest extreme and I LOVE IT. works seamlessly with my Macs and other Wifi devices. Yes a little over priced but I love it.
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    ...I was torn between the AEBS and Linksys new sim dual band routers but wanted the USB port on the apple offering... it was more than I wanted to spend but I've been VERY happy with the decision and don't regret the more expensive unit one bit..."it just works".

    The sim dual band is also fantastic as I have 2 N and 3 G computers in the house along with an iPod Touch...

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