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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by MBHockey, Aug 14, 2011.

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    I'm trying to set up my AirPort Express to join my school's WPA enterprise network so I can hook up my printer and speakers to the airport express. It's not going so well.

    First off, the wireless network SSID does not show up in the list of wireless networks to be joined when setting up the AE in Airport Utility, so I type it in manually and select the security as WPA Enterprise. This then asks me for a primary radius IP and a primary shared secret, neither of which I know or have to enter when I normally join the school's wireless network through the airport menubar icon (normally it's just a name/password and then it adds some certificate to keychain). So it seems this option is out.

    The next best thing I figured was just making a little sub-network off the school's network using ethernet from my wall to the AE. This worked well except for one thing. For some reason I cannot connect to any of my accounts via Adium. iChat works fine for the same accounts, but I don't use iChat. When I directly plug in my computer to the ethernet i have the same result - nothing on Adium will connect, ichat works fine, and so does everything else. It seems there's something quirky about the wired connection and Adium even though the wireless connection works without an issue with Adium.

    This goes back to the first thing -- i'd like to get it to just join the wireless network so that Adium would work, but i cannot get the airport express to join it wirelessly. On wired everything except Adium works.

    Is there anything left i can try?
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    Hate to necro, but . . .

    I'm having the same issue. Can anyone help? I have the previous gen (before dual-band) AirPort Express. Does anyone know if the new AirPort Express (2012) can wirelessly join or extend WPA/WPA2 enterprise?

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