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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by AFPoster, Nov 13, 2010.

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    I am curious on how to setup two Airport Extreme's together. I have a two story home with the first extreme on the first floor, and the second floor receives a weak signal in certain areas.

    What I've done so far: From the first airport extreme I plugged an ethernet cord in the back and hardwired it upstairs to my office and plugged it into the back of my other airport extreme but it's making me setup another network and not just sending off the same signal.

    So the cord and everything else is in place just need tips on actual configuration. Thanks a ton!
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    Are u twins?
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    You'll have to set up the secondary Extreme in bridge mode, which turns off DHCP on the second unit and makes it act as a wireless another wireless access point to the same network as the first. They'll both be on the same subnet, so it will basically be one giant network with multiple SSIDs.

    Keep in mind that SSID is not synonymous with network per se. You can have one network with multiple SSIDs, and in fact that is what happens on a single simultaneous dual-band Extreme with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands broadcasting. By default, the two bands are given the same SSID, but you can configure the Extreme to have unique SSIDs for both.

    Setting up the second Extreme in bridge mode allows for up to two additional SSIDs to the same network. It's entirely possible for you to give the SSIDs the same name and password as the first Extreme, or you can give the secondary Extreme unique SSIDs.

    It really doesn't matter as any computers connecting to any of the SSIDs broadcast by either Extreme will be able to communicate with one another. And giving them the same SSID names should create a network in your house where a computer can roam from one Extreme's signal to the other's (though some people report trouble with this?). I prefer to give mine separate names though, so that I am absolutely certain to which Extreme and band I am connecting.

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