Airport Extreme and 5GHz


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Aug 14, 2007

I'm getting really frustrated here, setting up a 802.11n 5GHz connection to my AEBS from Leopard. It worked fine previously, until I was prompted with a new update for the AEBS, and I installed it.

I reset the whole AE after a while, and these are my settings now.
- Wireless in 802.11n 5GHz mode with a WPA2 Personal password.

In Leopard I see the network, and when I connect, it asks for a password. I'm sure I enter the correct password, although it says it's invalid. If I make the connection manually in Network Preferences, same thing.

Here's the strange thing. When I connect my cable, get back into the Airport Utility and change 5GHz back to 2.4GHz, leaving the WPA2 Personal password the same, it works! As soon as I set it back to 5GHz, the password is apparently invalid.

I can't wrap my head around this. I've been at this for 3 hours now, and it just won't work. Any ideas or tips are much appreciated!

Edit: I'm sure the 5GHz thingy works with my MacBook. When I remove the password completely, and set it to 802.11n 5GHz, it connects perfectly. As soon as I enter a password, Leopard says it's invalid. Aah!


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Jun 5, 2000
Melbourne, Australia
We have this same problem at our office. Bought an Airport Extreme. Have 5 MacBook Pros in the office, all with Leopard (10.5.1). If the AEBS is set to 5GHz 802.11n, none of us can connect. 5GHz a/n works (but I think it is connecting as a, as speed is not as fast as n). 2.4GHz connects fine.

Has anyone with this problem found a solution?



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Mar 10, 2007
Just as a data point, I'm able to run 5 GHz, n-only, WPA2 without a problem. I'm using a Macbook Pro (was working with 10.4, now on 10.5) and a refurbed Apple TV. My base station is the original version without gigabit, on firmware 7.1.1 (I had problems with 7.2.1 and downgraded).
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