Airport extreme and fios not working after powerfailure.

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by DBmac08, Mar 17, 2009.

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    I have had Fios for about a month working with my Airport Extreme. I have to use the fios router because of the coax connection. I have its wireless turned off and use the the airport to connect to my Macbook. I connect my Imac directly to Fios router. I was using the AE as a bridged connection and it was working. After a power failure last night it won't pass the signal over the wireless. I have tried hard resets, I have tried different settings but no workie. If I look at the network Preferences on my laptop it says,"Airport on but not connected to internet or network" and it doesn't show up in the wireless search window.
    The Fios router works fine. I have done a full reset on it as well. The Fios router has assigned IP for my Imac and for my AE. the AE say its wireless IP is which is also the Fios router IP. I guess that's the conflict but when I set the DCPH on the AE to manual what should I put in for and IP and DNS option??
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