AirPort Extreme as a repeater.

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Apple Fan 21, Aug 20, 2013.

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    Oct 29, 2012
    I understand if I use a APE (4th Gen) in repeater mode, my mbps will be cut in half. Is this only for clients connected to repeater router? Will clients connected to the “main” router also be affected?
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    Just those connected to the repeater... but for many users it doesn't really matter.

    First off the effect is only related to your local Wi-Fi speed. I for example have a 35Mbps Internet connection to a Time Capsule, and an AirPort Express set up as wireless repeater. Machines on the wireless repeater still get about the same Internet speed as ones plugged directly into the Time Capsule with gigabit Ethernet. For my iOS devices doing their "Stuff" - backing up to iCloud, etc. - no difference at all.

    Where I do see an effect is in local traffic, e.g. the backup speed from a Wi-Fi connected Mac to the Time Capsule. If that machine were connected direct to the Time Capsule without an extender, the backups would run faster - but they run fast enough, such that I don't notice any difference in performance in the real world.

    My Apple TVs are all close to the TC itself so probably not running through the extender - if they were, I suppose it's possible that HD streaming from my iTunes library could be less stable, but I doubt even that would really be a visible effect.
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    Oct 29, 2012
    My setup is as follows. Motorola Surfboard modem connected to my “main” AirPort Extreme (5th Gen) is in my office upstairs connected to my iMac, PC and Ethernet over power line port. My secondary AirPort Extreme (4th Gen) is down stairs in my TV room connected to the internet via Ethernet over power line port. I have them set up as a “roaming” network.

    The plan is to replace the “main” APE w/ the new Gen 6 APE, put the Gen 5 APE downstairs and use the GEN 4 APE in repeater mode to extend coverage to my backyard.
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    The lessening of the signal only pertains when the extension is done through the wi-fi, if it is extended over ethernet (as it looks like you have for a setup) then the full spectrum is available to the AP as well as the main router.
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    Oct 29, 2012
    Basically I am planning on using a 3rd router as a repeater, no Ethernet where it will need to be. The other two will be connected via Ethernet. Now I have heard that wifi works better when router is placed up high. So to get better signal to my backyard should I place third router on the 2nd floor to get better signal back there?

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