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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by thelegacy127, Aug 3, 2009.

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    Aug 3, 2009
    hey, whats goin on? I was hopin maybe someone could help me figure out why the internet isn't working properly thru the airport extreme. When I hook up the modem to the AE, lights green looks good, but the laptop that I'm tryin to get on the internet with will connect to the network, but wont access the internet? I've got the latest firmware for it as well. I've tried to make a network out of the 'desktop' mac and connect my pc laptops to it, but still no luck on the internet. I've replugged the modem in and powered it on/off, same as the ae...still nothing. does anyone have any suggestions for this its honestly driving me nuts.

    ps- i dont know if this matters but I was in the middle of playin a game online, when during a thunderstorm the power flickered off n then on, thats when it all stopped working. I didnt change the way anythin was n it still wasnt working properly. please help?

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    First things first...

    1. Restart your Cable modem and Mac and verify that you can get onto the internet directly connected to the cable modem with out the AES involved in any way. If this does not work, then your problem is with your internet service provider or the configuration of your Mac.
    2. if Step 1 is working then unplug the AES, plug it back into cable modem and then into the wall and make sure the green light becomes solid.
    3. Now, wirelessly, try to attach to the AES. If your Mac indicates you are connected wirelessly to the AES but still can not get to the internet, then launch Airport Utility.
    4. In Airport Utility, go to manual setup and verify your status by moving your mouse over the green dot on the AES manual screen and click your mouse. If there are issues, a 2nd screen may appear.

    Lets see where you are after you try these things and I check back in an hour or so....:cool:

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