Airport Extreme green light but no valid IP Address

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    I have a satellite based internet service. I have a brand new Airport Extreme that pushes out a working wireless network (though I do get a Double Nat notice). Yeah! This AE used Bridge Mode and uses DHCP.

    I have a 2nd generation Airport Extreme elsewhere that is hooked up to a working Ethernet connection. I tested the Ethernet cable that was in the WAN port on my Mac and I can get online. Though the AE has a green light in front when I hook-up a Ethernet cable from a LAN port I can't get a valid IP Address nor can I get online. To get the green light on front I have it using a static IP Address (it is the same range as the brand new AE) and its in Bridge Mode.

    Any suggestions to get the 5th generation AE working wirelessly and wired is appreciated.

    Edit: I had 7.6.3 and then upgraded to 7.6.7 with the same results. I'm thinking its toast. If I can find 7.6.1. I will try it and then update the post.

    Thank you for looking.
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    Jul 7, 2006
    Even with the firmware change the box still doesn't work properly. I am considered it dead. It had a good life.

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